What do we do 
at innology?

We advise the most innovative companies in applying for EU funding for R&D and innovation at both national and central level (i.e. applying directly to the European Commission).

We support ambitious, bold, revolutionary projects

We prepare applications and business plans for the most innovative ideas, particularly in the sectors: Space, Life science, AI, Blockchain, Agri-Tech, Nutri-Tech, Clean-Tech, Mobility, Industry 4.0/5.0, IOT / Electronics.

We manage projects

We support innovators in the management of EU-funded R&D projects, particularly in aspects related to cost accounting, procurement and reporting.

We learn about the most innovative technologies

You will not be bored with us. Every day we face new challenges, new projects from different industries,and  we get to know the most innovative technologies changing the world.


Decide if we are a good match

We get involved

We give our best. We always commit 100% of our competences and knowledge, and ensure their continuous improvement.

We keep our word

We always fulfil our commitments and keep our word, we do not make empty declarations.

We are honest

We act according to the highest ethical standards and moral principles. This is the basis for trust and loyalty in all our activities.

We ensure good communication

Open communication is the basis of our daily relationships. We ensure a free flow of information and exchange of views.

We create a good atmosphere

We focus on an organisational culture in which everyone can feel comfortable and is treated as a partner.

We are tolerant

We do not discriminate, and we are tolerant of holding and proclaiming views and beliefs with which we disagree.

We give feedback

At innology we value constructive, serious feedback that gives value and room for improvement and learning.

We are a team

We work together for success, we learn from mistakes together, we help each other, we celebrate together, we are one team.

At innology you can be

A consultant


with a cool dog at home


one of us

we offer?

Private health insurance

Private health insurance

Fast, unlimited access to medical consultations, outpatient treatments and diagnostic tests.

Multisport card

Multisport card

Access to a wide range of sports and leisure facilities, dance schools, swimming pools etc.

Team-building events

Team-building events

We celebrate successes together, cheer on our athletes and get together at Christmas.

Special gifts

Special gifts

We celebrate the most important events with you: birthdays, births, weddings.

Development of competences

Development of competences

You can take part in both external and internal training sessions and events.

Working comfort

Working comfort

You decide where you work better, in a comfortably equipped office or your home.